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water saving • Non-allergic • biodegradable

Th2owel is a unique, innovative alternative for the traditional refreshment napkin. The product is 100% safe, non-allergic, non-toxic and completely bio degradable since it is made from natural ingredients. Only environmental friendly bamboo and wood pulp are being used to create the tablet.

Compressed Tissue Tablets

The compressed Th2owel tablets are small in the original form and only expand to a full and decent refreshment cloth by pouring just a little bit of water onto it. Once in contact with water, the tablet starts to grow and once expanded is ready to use

Pour Water

Th2owel tablets can be used with all sorts of water: hot or cold and the water can be scented. One of our clients favorites is lemongrass oil. It reminds of the old fashioned traditional serving bowl with lemon. Another fragrance we frequently use for a refreshing effect is peppermint oil.

Used By Top Restaurants

Th2owel tablets are being used in top restaurants where the unexpected effect of the tablet generates a smile on people’s faces. Chefs have embraced this exceptional novelty and use it in their restaurants for example together with the bread, with the starters and along with tapa’s and finger food.


Th2owel is being used more and more at private dinner parties and functions. It is the perfect way to entertain guests in a home environment and share the experience with family and friends.
Th2owel is being used in restaurants, functions like weddings and openings of stores, at dinner parties and on many more occasions.

No expiry date

Th2owel tablets have no expiry date, as long as they are not exposed to water they can be kept in the sealed bag till needed.

Presentation Trays

The proposing of Th2owel is an experience in itself which has been made easy by using presentation trays. These trays contain the right amount of water which facilitates the expanding of the Th2owel.

The stone range  presentation trays vary in size, color and shape. The standard range consist of trays for single and double use in the colors white, grey and black. Regular shapes are oval and cube forms.

Apart from the stone range, we stock wooden trays varying is size from single use to 20+.

For the discerned clients there is a variety of alternatives available to present the Th2owel to guests.  Trays can be made tailor made upon request in coordination with our design department.

Benefits, to name a few:

  • Water Saving:  Especially with the drought experienced in the country, this product really contributes to a wiser use of water.
  • Natural Product:  Since the product is 100% eco-friendly there will be no footprint! Used Th2owel can be put on a compost heap or in the garden and under the right circumstances, will vanish within 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Cost Saving:  Compared to regular napkins and serviettes Th2owel is a cost effective way to refresh hands. The use of Th2owels diminishes cost of water, excludes cost for washing like detergents, washing powder, energy and labour.
  • By offering a Th2owel to guests one produces an unexpected experience.